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Thread: Now HERE'S a debate I had not considered before...

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    Yeah, this has been going on since both came out. The B5 group I'm in on FB has this argument pop up all the time. Regardless both are over. For me JMS made the better product.

    I found B5 the more well-written show and love it to death. I"m also a huge fan of DS9, it's the best of the Trek franchises for me.
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    I, too, loved B5 and DS9. (DS9 also my favorite of the Trek shows.)

    Personally, I don't care which show ripped off the other. (And in recent years, I have become less and less of a JMS supporter).

    But the shows are still enthralling.

    Heh...I still have a couple of B5 movies I have yet to watch.
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