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Thread: Star Trek Discovery A Visual Confirmation

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    Default Star Trek Discovery A Visual Confirmation

    Well, the last episode of Star Trek Discovery, confirmed what many of us had known all along (despite the insistence of various creatives involved with the show), that it is a show that exists in its own universe, separate from the original series timeline, or for that matter, the one from the reboot movies.

    The appearance of the USS Enterprise at the end, confirmed by the dialogue to be under the command of Captain Pike, was presented visually in a style that we had not seen before.

    Yes, it still has the saucer, the two engine nacelles and secondary hull, but and it's a big but, if the show takes place in the original universe, the Enterprise would look like it did back in the Sixties, that's the visual conceit that every other Star Trek show has been made after the original has followed.

    So, case closed.

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    I still haven't watched the show, but I love the look of this Enterprise. It makes me think of a "Phase II" styled Enterprise....somewhere between TOS and TMP.

    The big giveaway that this show is not tied in with the classic universe, to me anyway, is the Klingons. They are obviously offshoots of the JJ era films in appearance, combined with a bit of the Dracs from the film "Enemy Mine". I really don't like the Klingon ships in this show.

    The producers could take the cheap tack regarding this show's Enterprise, and try to say the same thing that producers for TMP onward to ENT had said about their Klingons.....that somehow they were always meant to look like the Imperial Klingons we came to know and love from 1979 onward, but "budget constraints" in the 60's prevented that. The producers for this show (if any of them are carried over from ENTERPRISE on back) will likely try to spin and say: "This is the way the Enterprise was meant to look in the 60's but....'budget constraints and all that'. "
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