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Thread: 'V' The Film Trilogy

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    Default 'V' The Film Trilogy

    I'll believe it when I see it.
    "The next wave of fascism will come not with cattle cars and camps. It will come with a friendly face." - Bertram Gross, "Friendly Fascism"

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    Yeah they mention they are still looking for funding so the new Desilu is essentially a start-up with a famous name. Even with Kenny writing and directing I still have no interest in another remake. I would like to see the Second Generation done though so we'll see I guess.

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    I would not mind this at all.
    As long as Kenneth Johnson is involved, it will be good.
    The effects with the lizards were really good in the first miniseries. Then it all degenerated and got soapy. If the menace is reinserted into this re-remake without getting too effects crazy, it might be worth seeing on the big screen.

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