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Thread: Black Lightning: 'The Resurrection'

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    Default Black Lightning: 'The Resurrection'

    After his older daughter Anissa is arrested for protesting, former superhero Jefferson Pierce is pulled over for a crime he did not commit. The last straw comes when his youngest daughter, Jennifer, gets in trouble at a club owned by the 100, and he is forced to use his powers to rescue her. Gambi, his mentor and friend, urges him to become Black Lightning again, but Jefferson refuses to break the promise he made to his ex-wife Lynn to give up heroics.
    Wow, this was really good.

    It actually didn't folow the now (tired) format of the Berlanti CW shows.

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    I like it, although in time this will probably crossover with the other shows like Supergirl did, especially if this is an alternate Earth (although I did catch a commentator referring to other superheroes being hailed as heroes in the pilot, hmmmmmm...).

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