I am loving the hell out of the Virtual Reality version of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. (PlayStation 4 version)
It lends soooo much more flexibility to playing the game. I can be a heck of a lot sneakier than I was in the original version of this excellent title.

Aiming is a breeze, since all you really have to do is look and line up the crosshairs on your target. And if you like doing the archery thing like me (one of two ways in which the game plays more like a first person shooter...the other being spell casting), this game is even more awesome.

The VR helmet really does affect your position in the world.... I'm talking whether you are standing, crouching, swimming, aiming.... I love it.

If I am standing neck deep in water, all I have to do is lower my real head just a little bit, and now I am submerged.

If I want to peek around a corner, simply tilt myself around to get a minimum exposure view of what's going on.... even better, I can fire my bow from the peeking position, minimizing my risk of being spotted after firing.

Sometimes the menus and HUD get skewed in the view, but that usually fixes itself after a moment.

You can achieve movement in one of two modes: Snap/teleport, which may be easier on some people delving into VR where it might affect their equilibrium. Or, you can play with smooth movement (my preference) so you move as you would in the normal mode of Skyrim. You can use PS4 VR Move controllers, which also allows you to simulate sword fighting, bow shooting, magic casting with your hands, or you can use the DS4 standard controller (my personal preference).

Graphically, the game isn't any different from the original Skyrim. It has simply been adapted for virtual reality, and they did a good job with it.

Sometimes you can lose sight of your crosshairs if you are looking at a slope as you are climbing it, or it can disappear around a corner, but it comes back into view when you look forward, or in climbing, look a little further up....for some folks, it might give 'em a crick in the neck when they're climbing steep slopes or mountains....LOL!

Sneak attacks on enemies do a lot more damage, especially if you open up the perks for such attacks. Right now, my bow does three times extra damage if I hit an opponent via sneak attack....and it will continue to do so until the opponent spots me....if the opponent can spot me. And now that I have the Bound Bow spell (summon a magical bow out of thin air, along with a quiver of 99 arrows: spell lasts 120 seconds, but every time you conjure up the Bound Bow, you get a full quiver.), I am nigh unstoppable.

I can't say enough good about this VR adaptation of an already great game.

Bring out more high quality VR games! I am eagerly looking forward to DOOM VFR, and hoping and praying for another VR experience for Star Wars Battlefront II.