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Thread: The Orville: 'Into The Fold' (Or, Into The Glory Hole)

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    Thumbs up The Orville: 'Into The Fold' (Or, Into The Glory Hole)

    Dr. Finn, her two sons, and Isaac get lost in space; Ed and the crew set out to save them.
    I've never been a big fan of Penny Johnson Jerald, going back to her Star Trek: Deep Space Nine days, but I do really like her in this show

    Teaming her up with the machine lifeform, Isaac, is a stroke of genius and it was nice to see the regulars take a backseat for this character spotlight. It shows the confidence and lack of ego, that star/writer/producer Seth McFarlane has in this show.

    There was some effective location filming and it was good to see Brian Thompson show up as the main guest alien of the week.

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    Yes, another very enjoyable episode. And I completely agree with your assessment.
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    I concur. Thoroughly enjoying this show.

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