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Tombs of Kobol Forums - TOK redesign well underway
  • TOK formatting well underway


    There's still more to do, but we've got the basic Tombs format back in place. You'll see some of the default vBulletin colors and formatting here and there so don't be surprised; I'm cleaning those up as I go along.

    Thanks for your patience and support!

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    1. Darth Marley's Avatar
      Darth Marley -
      It looks like you are using a sort of CMS to add content to the front page.

      I suspect you could automate making a forum post about new content by exporting an RSS feed for new added content, and have a "News" forum section that imports that feed, automatically making a link to the new articles.

      Or maybe that is already happening.
    1. Dawg's Avatar
      Dawg -
      I posted this back in February, when we upgraded the vBulletin software.

      I have no idea why it's suddenly popping up here and now.

      I am
    1. Darth Marley's Avatar
      Darth Marley -
      A feature has been enabled, probably with the last upgrade.