1. Why aren't people watching Chuck?

    Last night (24/05/10), NBC-broadcast spy dramedy, Chuck, recorded its lowest rating of its three-year run.

    And I have to say WTF?

    If you don't know already, Chuck is about twenty-something Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), who works in an electrical goods store after being expelled from university. Chuck becomes an agent or 'asset' for the CIA and NSA, when a secret intelligence database, the Intersect, gets transferred into his noggin through an email from an old university ...
  2. I'm enjoying the new series of Doctor Who (but not as much as the four previous series)

    Okay, let's make one thing clear, I am not a Whovian.

    There have been times when Doctor Who has been on (before the 2005 relaunch) when I'd watch something else (Buck Rogers or The A-Team), something glossier, faster-paced and with production values!

    However, I have watched all of the eps and specials since the show came back, but this year something is lacking.

    It's not Matt Smith as the Doctor. Like Peter Davison before him, Matt had to follow one of the ...